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Children, Youth, and Families

Children, Youth, and Families

Children, Youth and Family

St Philip's has a long tradition of being a family church.  Children are welcome and included in all aspects of church life. On the first Sunday of the month is our Family Service, where everyone stays in church and worships together.  On other Sunday's children are invited to follow the cross out of church and into their age-appropriate Sunday School rooms.  Pre-school age, elementary, middle school and high school Sunday School rooms and groups are all available.  A staffed nursery is also available for our littlest ones.   

In addition to our Sunday School program, our CYF team also facilitates lots of fun activitie, like the First Sunday Family services, seasonal activities such as the Christmas pageant and the Great Easter Egg Hunt, and other fellowship and service opportunities for children, youth and families.


Our CYF team is always open, our monthly meetings occur on the third Wednesday of the month at 9 a.m. If you have a heart for working with children and youth — and like to have fun — please contact Susan Ortmeyer at susanortmeyer@gmail.com.